Workers Compensation Claims for Spanish Speaking Individuals

There are millions of employees who are injured at work in California every year. Many of these accidents result in serious injuries and even death and the majority involve Hispanic individuals.

Job injuries

Employees who are injured while working on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation California. In these cases that result in death, families are in most cases allow compensation through the workers’ compensation system, personal injury litigation or both. The employees who have suffered an injury from work should find a law firm that is well-recognized for its involvement as well as proficiency in injury cases.

Abogado Contigo

Abogado Contigo owns a law firm and it is made up of the very best lawyers in California who provides services to the entire community, but especially the Spanish community in Santa Ana, Los Angeles and surrounding areas. This firm aggressively fights to get the maximum compensation for any injuries under workers compensation laws in California.

Spanish speaking firm

This firm is considered the top Spanish injury attorneys in California and offer free consultation for Hispanic individuals.

30 years

This is also one of the few firms that for over 30 years have been serving the Spanish- speaking community by:

  • Offering legal advice
  • Defending their legal rights
  • Rights in the most difficult moments
  • Always provide lawyers in Spanish

Their commitment is to protect those individuals who have been victims of:

  • Car accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Personal damages
  • Work accidents

Knowledge and Resources

It is important that firms have the knowledge and resources required to recognise as well as litigate all existing claims. This will also help ensure that every worker receives the most compensation and benefits injured workers in California are entitled too.

Non-English speakers

But it is so important that a non-English speaking individual work with a law firm that has Spanish speakers on their staff. Working with non-Spanish speaking firms there is always the chance that Hispanics will not get the full benefits they are entitled to due to the language barrier as well in some cases discrimination. This is important due to the number of Spanish-speakers in California working in areas where severe injuries can occur.