Who Are No Win No Fee Solicitors and How Can They Benefit You

No win no fee solicitor is common slang in the modern day law industry. It has been used since the discovery of medical negligence law. However, not many people understand what it means or entails. No win no fee solicitors are legal experts who offer their services to clients without requesting for payment until the case is won. They work in a way that if the case doesn’t go through, you won’t be charged any legal fees. The payment, in this case, comes in terms of a certain percentage of the amount won. It may even be in form of an equitable amount of the total amount the claimant wins. This mode of payment for legal services is also known as a conditional fee agreement.

What Is a Conditional Fee Agreement?

The conditional fee agreement is a popular slang used in the place of the ‘No win No fee’ agreement. It’s normally common in personal injury compensation claims. It was first introduced into British law in the revised law in 2013. Not all legal firms will agree to work under this kind of payment condition. Some law firms will require you to pay a certain amount before they start working on your case. In this kind of payment, the legal firm will take a certain percentage from the amount they helped you win as compensation for the services offered.

What Can No Win No Fee Solicitors Help You Claim?

Working with medical negligence law firms is highly recommended since it helps maximize the amount of compensation you will get at the end. And as for the ‘No Win No Fee’ solicitors, they make handling the case much easier for you since you don’t have to pay anything before the lawyers start working on your case. Here are some of the situations in which a solicitor can help you claim for compensation.

  1. Ordinary Damages

A specialized medical negligence solicitor can help you claim for compensation after you’re injured. They can work together with the jury to request the person responsible for the aggravation of your medical condition to pay you for the suffering, turmoil, andpain you underwent due to the condition they put you in.

  1. Special Medical Expenses

When your medical condition is aggravated due to the negligence of the medical service provider, you’re likely to spend a lotto get the condition treated. When you get a professional medical solicitor, they can help you claim for compensation for the medical expenses that you incurred treating your condition.

  1. Funeral Expenses

If it happens that the negligence of certain medical specialists caused the death of a loved one, you can hire a medical negligence solicitor to help you claim for compensation for the funeral costs and all other costs involved.


The benefits of working with a No Win No Fee solicitors are obvious. As long as you get the right solicitor, you’re sure to reap greatly in the end.You will get to know everything about legal solicitors who don’t ask for payment until the case is approved and compensation is won. You can visit https://www.beenletdown.co.uk/solicitor-negligence/no-win-no-fee-professional-negligence/ to learn more about ‘No Win No Fee’ legal solicitors.

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