What is Considered Sexual Abuse in Philadelphia?

Sexual abuse is a serious crime and claims should always be taken seriously. It is important to be aware of what sexual abuse is and what actions are considered sexual abuse, especially in the city of Philadelphia.

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What is the definition of sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse is considered sexual behavior that is undesired by one person. Often times, the victim is taken advantage of and force is used. This can occur in a variety of forms including rape, molestation, incest and sexual harassment. Other actions like unwanted or inappropriate undressing or exposing of the genitals along with trying to engage in sexual activity without consent are also considered sexual abuse. It can be the action of someone on their own or an individual within an institution like a church, nursing home, school or workplace. Also, it can occur against anyone, children or adults.

Impact of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is an overwhelming trauma for victims. They are often times left feeling depressed, fear, guilt and shame. It is encouraged that anyone who is a victim of sexual abuse report it right away to get the justice theydeserve and to put the person who is responsible behind bars. All sexual abuse claims are thoroughly investigated by the Philadelphia police department.

Defense Attorney

Every sexual abuse claim should be taken seriously. But there are times when false accusations occur. If you have been falsely accused of sexual abuse, you should look for a Philly sex abuse law firm that has a team of experienced lawyers to represent you. Sexual abuse claims are never taken likely and if convicted, you could face jail time, fees and needing to register as a sex offender. This can greatly damage your reputation. It is important to be cooperative throughout the investigation and provide as much proof as possible that you are innocent and that the accusations brought against you are false.

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