Slip and Fall Accident – Can you file a lawsuit?

A slip and fall may sound like an event that randomly occurs on a day to day basis, but did you know that it can actually lead to a personal injury case? A property owner may have a liability in case someone slips and falls in his property and sustained a significant damage that resulted to emotional distress, physical injury, and loss of income. In the case of a slip and fall injury, the service of a slip and fall attorney Tampa is a must.

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A slip and fall lawsuit is under the Tort Law. An injury sustained from a slip and fall could be caused by someone’s negligence and so someone must be held accountable. If there are certain hazards or potential danger lurking in the premise and the owner does not do something about it and an accident takes place, then there is liability and accountability. It could be a basis for filing a lawsuit regardless if it is a major or a minor injury. Some possibilities include burns, simple bruising, sprain, broken bones, and the worst scenario that you can ever think of. Potential hazards in the premise include uneven floors, slippery floors, dimly lit areas, and the likes.

Hiring a professional help

If you sustained an injury secondary to slip and fall, then might as well contact a lawyer, especially if it happens in someone else’s premise. A personal injury lawyer will look after your welfare and sees to it that you will be able to recover the damages for physical injury, medical bills, loss of wages, emotional distress, and the likes. If you have insurance, then you can also file an insurance claim. Make sure you contact an insurinsurance lawyer Tampa to help you with the claim process.

Being injured is not a simple thing. There could be a lot of consequences, more so, if you are the breadwinner of the family. Emotional distress, physical injury, mental anguish, and loss of income can significantly affect your life and your immediate family. So, make sure you receive fair and just compensation and it can only be done if you have a lawyer by your side.

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