Seeking a Pardon as a Permanent Resident of Canada

If you are convinced that possessing a criminal record will destroy your hopes of ever becoming a permanent Canadian citizen, and that a past which you would rather put behind you is threatening your application processions, then you indeed need to brush up a bit on your actual viability.

Being a permanent resident means providing a tangible contribution to your country, and will have a legal place within its borders, which means blending in congenial with your fellow citizens while upholding your own integral culture. Do not fear – such a dream will soon become true.

Unfortunately, even minor offences can cause such an application to be delayed or denied. The best possible scenario involves a mere complication of the process. The resurfacing of old convictions by immigration authorities is a common occurrence when applying for citizenship.

If you are indeed eligible, you will be granted a Pardon, which will permanently seal the relevant records away from the visibility of the public, greatly aiding towards your efforts for achieving a permanent Canadian citizenship. You will need to take the necessary steps involved with applying for a Pardon immediately if you have a criminal record.

The Jeopardizing Nature of a Criminal Record

A serious crime will easily ruin your ability to work and live in Canada, even knowing that you and your family members have lived in Canada for a long time. The stipulations for a serious crime include those which have a maximum sentence of ten years or more, and if you were sentenced for a duration of six months or more in prison. In some of the more unfortunate cases, people have found themselves being deported from Canada.

The Jeopardizing of a Citizenship Application due to a Criminal Record


No matter how severe your crime happened to have been, you can easily see a denial of your Canadian citizenship, meaning that the attaining of the full rights the average citizen will possess will be impossible. Those that hold citizenship are omitted from resident rules, will be able to attain a Canadian passport, and will be allowed to vote. You will then be safe from deportation efforts – unless a particularly extreme condition is involved.

Attaining a Pardon as a Permanent Resident


You are, of course, still liable to apply for a Pardon if you have been provided with the right to work and live within Canadian borders. You will then have a better chance for achieving citizenship through a boosted application process. The best way to improve any chance of success it to show Immigration Canada that you have tried your best to prove that you have been rehabilitated following your crimes and are a contributing and decent addition to their population.

Am I Eligible for a Pardon?


There are some complicated regulations regarding Pardons. You can only be assured through the obtaining of a free pardon qualification. Upon qualifying, one will now be introduced to the relevant Accredited Pardon Officer who will then provide further guidance.

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