One of the Top Family Lawyers in Australia

The family lawyers in Australia do have a tight competition in the litigation field since most of the lawyers group provide efficient services for their clients. There are numerous teams of family unit counsels in Australia whose performances are quite remarkable. The most asked for kinship barristers in Australia are noted below as well as brief descriptions about them are given below:

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Navado Law Group

The affectionate approach of domestic lawyers around Australia towards the clients to help them in the stressful situations of life makes them very wanted by the clients. The family issues become more perplexed when the involvement of children is present. In fact, the lawyers of the team are also trained to manage the children issues in the case, if any. The clients coming for the assistance of the lawyers not only need the legal help but also to guide them in such a way that they are able to take decisions to get desired results.

The lawyers in Navado Law Group have great expertise in these kinds of concerns. This kind of approach with an open mind of the lawyers makes them more special among the other phratry solicitors within Australia. The firm has an experience of about twenty years they know the specifications of each case in the first sight. Thus, they will be able to give the remedies for each case considering the particularities. Moreover, the experience of the lawyers in appearing in the courts in Australia (Family Court, Federal Magistrates) is also impressive. The duration of the marriage is also a matter of fact in the disputes in family law. The lawyers of Navado law group handle cases of both long term and short term marriages.

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Some of the main areas of family law which the lawyers of the team have expertise is noted below:

  1. Children adoption
  2. Parenting orders application
  3. AVOs
  4. Agreements binding (financial)
  5. Abduction of child
  6. Custody of child
  7. Location orders for child
  8. Maintenance of child
  9. Relocation of child
  10. Matters for support of child
  11. Orders of recovery of child
  12. Orders of consent
  13. Counselling
  14. Resolution of dispute
  15. Property division
  16. Separation (de-facto nature)
  17. Settlement of property (de-facto)
  18. Divorce
  19. Legal advice (DNA)
  20. Domestic violence
  21. Custody under grandparents
  22. Family law (international)
  23. Mediation and conciliation
  24. Marriage nullity
  25. Agreements of pre-nuptial nature
  26. Marriages (Same sex)
  27. Spousal maintenance

The team states that they are the leaders of family law in Australia which force the other ménage advocates in Australia to recede themselves from the frontline. The experience of the lawyers in handling the controversial family cases enables them to constantly update themselves in the litigation amendments. The clients have a chance to contact the lawyers to discuss the issues in free using the phone numbers or email address provided in the official website. The head office of the team is located in Australia.


These leading lawyers in family law have many branches in different locations which makes them more available than the other family lawyers in Australia.