What You Need for a Good Re-Design of a Law Firm Website

As a lawyer, it is important that your website looks professional. This is needed since you are trying to attract new clients to your law firm. Also, your website will in many cases be the first place of contact for many individuals trying to find a good law firm. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is designed well, easy to use, as well as having all helpful information.

Great redesign


If you do not have a professionally design law firm site or you have noticed that your website is hard to navigate, and is not performing the way you need; then this is the time to find a good company that can deliver you a great redesign.

Google friendly


Of course, finding the right design company that is known for designing the best law firm websites can be difficult. Currently, your website needs to be a marketing hub – as well as being Google friendly so that your website gets the best search engine leads for you.



It is recommended that you research before making any decision on who to use. You need to consider a company that builds attractive websites, and will Search Engine Optimize your newly designed site.

Items to look for


Here is all that needs to be considered when working with a web design company:

  • Customer focused
  • Have a profile or portfolio on designs for law firms
  • Experience in marketing for law firm websites
  • Good visual content
  • Video production
  • Legal content writing
  • Designed for pay per click
  • Designed for Search Engine Optimization




One well-known company for website design on law firms is FindLaw for their marketing expertise that offers to help a firm grow. According to one customer who used this company, he noticed a significant difference in his cases after FindLaw redesigned his website. Also, they have thousands of successful clients.

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