Make your payment easy

On working for your clients, you will be eager to receive your payments by month end. If your clients are in abroad, you find the whole transaction process takes a long time for the money to be transferred into your account. Moreover, because of currency confusions, your employees will suffer from the payment issues.

To avoid such problems and to make your invoices clear, the legal billing software offers you the best ways in including all your payments with one click.


  • Easy to use and helps you to get your payments from your clients within deadlines.
  • An easy way of tracking the account and all invoices are included with just a click.
  • Secure to use by keeping your account information confidential from the hackers via secured locking mechanisms.
  • Adaptable to smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and palmtops.
  • A 24/7 chat head support helps you in solving your queries regarding the payment issues. A bulk of customer representatives will be available to resolve the problems put by you.
  • The software is highly comfortable and flexible to use and allows you to manage the accounts of your employees at any time and anywhere.
  • Legal billing software can be integrated into any kind of operating systems and all kinds of android versioned platforms.
  • The automated write-up and write-down features available in the software save your time in writing the amount to be billed for your clients.
  • The templates are featured with different databases that could save both the account details of your employees and your clients.
  • In short, one could say that the amazing billing software reduces the time spent on the manual check of the salary slips and invoices of your employees.
  • Removes confusion when you are about to pay for a mass of employees working under you.

Attractive features

The software is being recently used by a majority of businessmen who work with multiple clients. It helps you to create a loyal and healthy relationship with your clients by sending them accurate invoices for the work done to them. Moreover, your employees can have access to this software linked with your company and they can have a quick review of their salary dates and the payments received. The most beneficial part of this billing software is that you will get the wholesome payment from your client-side