Keep Calm And Be Aware Of Your Basic Rights After A Car Accident

In the event of an accident, minor or major, it is normal for people to be tensed and have an adrenaline rush. But it is advised to maintain your calm even in the toughest of situations so that you can act wisely. Else, you’ll do blunders. If you are not calm you can ruin the situation for both the parties. Also, it is essential that you know your basic rights after an accident like insurance claims, hiring a car accident lawyer, etc.

Always stay at the accident scene until it is appropriate to leave the accident scene, do not do it. You should especially not do this if there have been some casualties or people have suffered injuries. It would be a great blunder on your part. A hit and run case can be filed on you and you will have to face serious penalties. Check on the well-being of the drivers and passengers. Before you start assessing the property loss and damages to your car, make sure that you enquire about the well-being of the people involved in the accident. Ensure that you arrange for medical attention as soon as possible. Do not forget to call the police. If the accident is a major one and there is loss of life or injuries inflicted, then it becomes your responsibility to call the police on the accident spot. Also, once police arrives, do not forget to file a FIR and note the officer’s name and other details for future reference.

Gather as much information as possible from the people involved. Obtain the driving license, ID, and other details of the people involved in the accident. Contact details of the passengers stranded on the accident spot is vital and you should obtain the same in order to help them. Talking to witnesses can be of help. Always try to talk to witnesses on the spot. They will give you the requisite information about the details of the accident as they have seen it themselves. When you talk to them do not forget to ask for their address, names, and other contact details. Inform the responsible insurance company. As soon as you get over with the tasks at hand on the scene, inform your insurance company about the accident. Never lie to them and state the facts clearly. Also, tell them that your car accident lawyer will proceed with the further proceedings. If at any point your lie is exposed in front of the insurance companies, then you’ll fall in serious trouble. Be cautious when you are discussing the accident. Remember, that you do not have to talk to anyone else except your car accident lawyer, the police, and the insurance company. Don’t talk to random people and insurance company officials without the prior knowledge of your insurers and lawyer. Tell them that your car accident lawyer will talk to them.

These handy tips and steps will be of great use to you in case of a car accident. Follow them and reduce the hassles of dealing with the aftermath of the accident.