The Importance of Hiring Product Liability Attorney and Learning about Categories of Defective Product Cases

When you buy something and it hurts you in any way, you can seek legal assistance and get compensation for all your losses.  It is however important to develop a better understanding about different categories of defective product cases.  This will help you get a better idea exactly when to call a product liability attorney.

The use of a defective product can injure you in many ways.  If you sustain an injury, you can file a lawsuit against the wholesaler, manufacturer, or distributer depending on what defect you have found.  There are two basic categories of product defects though – manufacturing defects and design defects.

  • Manufacturing Defects

Resulting from an error in assembly, manufacturing defects are not that common and may only be found a small percentage of products manufactured by the company.  However, the law states that a manufacturer is completely responsible for eliminating any manufacturing defect, and they will have to face legal charges in case someone gets hurt because of faulty construction.  Keep in mind that if you think your injury is due to manufacturing defect, you will have to prove that the product you used has that defect at the time of department from the manufacturing facility.  Again, this can become tricky, which is another reason why you will be better off letting a product liability attorney work on your behalf.

  • Design Defect


It refers to a flaw in the basic design of a product that makes it unreasonably dangerous.  If a product becomes hazardous because of a design defect and you get injured using it, you can always file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.  However, you may have to prove that there was another way to design the product to make it safer.  In other words, it may be necessary to prove that the use of a superior design could have prevented issues related to the product.  Again, only an experienced attorney can help you proceed in the right direction to get compensated for your losses.

Whether or not your injury qualifies for a product liability case can only be confirmed by an experienced attorney, so you should not waste any time and talk to a professional as soon as possible.  It is important to ensure that you have hired an experienced attorney who knows everything about the laws related to the harm posed by defective products.  Keep in mind that not all attorneys can help you with your type of personal injury or product liability case, so you should conduct some research and ensure that you are going with an experienced attorney who has already handled similar cases in the past.  Moreover, it is a good idea to find an attorney who is willing to work on a no cost, no obligation basis because they are going to charge you only when they help you win your case.