How to Choose an Immigrant Lawyer for you from Canada?

Immigration services aren’t provided in many large law firms in Canada. So, mostly the immigration advice is given by lawyers who practice independently. For choosing a good immigration lawyer you need to research well, and the search may include:

  • References or referrals: Referrals and reliable factors are the most reliable way to choose a lawyer. A person refers to someone to a particular person because he/she should have had a good experience with that person. People who went to lawyers and got good treatment and result, such as, #1 Mississauga Immigration Lawyer – Ronen Kurzfeld, are going to refer them to their friends and relatives.
  • Specialization: The immigration policy of Canada changes Therefore, someone who is working in this industry for more than ten years knows the fact best; therefore, you need a specialist who is working as an immigrant lawyer for around ten years.
  • Experience: Experience is crucial for any field. You will find lawyers who are highly educated, and they know the book of law like no one else, but still, when it comes to a fight in the court, an experienced lawyer will have the upper hand. Experienced lawyers know how to tackle the laws. You need an experienced immigrant lawyer to help you out with your immigration.
  • Contract: You should check if your lawyer hands over a formal and detailed contract to you. This is a must way to go on any business.
  • Trust fund: You should check if the fees you will pay will be going to the trust of the firm or the lawyer. This is a rule of POL and which must be followed. If you find anything wrong with the payment method, then the lawyer must be a fraud.
  • Assessment initially: The lawyer in writing should thoroughly outline the application process. All the best lawyers would do that with no additional charges.
  • Advertisement: You are going to find a lot of lawyers through advertisement, but still don’t just fall by watching an ad, you should do good research about the lawyer or the firm before hiring them.
  • Internet: Most of the lawyers have their own website to promise their services. Some prominent firms or lawyers will have their presence in the social media. Check for the lawyers who regularly update their website and provides in-depth analysis and information.
  • Publications: A successful immigrant lawyer will make publications of their articles in an industry