How Much Can You Claim if you’ve had A Road Traffic Accident?

Did you know that there are over 180,000 road traffic accidents per year across the UK? Thankfully this number is falling, but also, did you know that road accident claims in the UK can exceed £200,000 depending on the severity? How much you can claim depends on how life-impacting the injury is and where the injury took place on the body. In the following article, you can find all the information you need regarding making a claim if you’ve had or know someone who has been involved in a road traffic accident.

Head and upper body injuries

Claims for head and upper body injury compensation can vary wildly depending on whether the person involved has got moderate injuries (leaving light to no scarring) or has been left seriously injured.

Starting with the more serious cases, someone with head injuries which have left the person seriously disabled or seriously affected their mental abilities can expect to claim anything within the region of £214,300 to £307,000. Yet someone with a serious neck injury, including paralysis and spinal cord damage, can be awarded between £29,450 and £122,300 in claims. Upper body amputees due to road accidents which aren’t their fault could be able to get between $73,050 to £228,050 in compensation, even down to an amputated finger which could see compensation of around £69,000 as well.

Loss of senses such as losing sight in one or both eyes or deaf in both ears due to a road traffic accident could see a person involved being able to claim between £68,950 and £204,200.

Less serious upper body injuries including breaks, fractures and facial disfigurements could see you looking at a compensation claim of between £2,670 and £74,000 depending on what it is. A quick healing, yet minor injury could still see you being awarded up to £650!

Lower limb injuries

A very severe leg injury including amputation of any lower limb could see you being rewarded up to £214,300 in compensation, whereas less seriously, a broken toe could still see you getting £7,300. A knee injury, depending on the severity and how well you can continue to live a normal life with your injury can see you getting between £19,950 and £73,120 in compensation from a road traffic accident.

Your claim

If you or someone you know has been involved in a road traffic accident, then you can get a legal claim put together on your behalf by a personal injury team. You must choose the right lawyer for your claim to get the most compensation possible. We recommend choosing a no win, no fee service because if you find that your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay back a thing in legal fees. Also, when choosing a lawyer, you should ask questions such as “do you employ than one fully-qualified road traffic solicitor permanently?” to ensure you have the best legal team behind you.

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