Hadaway and Hadaway Solicitors and the Legal Services They Provide

Hadaway & Hadaway is a firm of solicitors that provide complete legal services for you, your family and your business.

Family law

It is important to note this firm is referring to as family solicitors handling mostly problems that concern family law. Family law concerns are legal issues involving families. These problems or topics in family law include divorce, financial orders, postnuptial agreements and care proceedings.


Hadaway & Hadaway has a team of dedicated solicitors as well as support staff that provide any individual with the best legal services possible. They also believe in the importance of building relationships with their clients and this has kept generations of local families using this firm of solicitors for years.

Important beliefs

They are believers that the bond of a client and a solicitor is built on trust and this firm offers this confidentiality to all its clients. It does not matter what your legal needs are, this firm will help by providing you with:

  • High quality legal advice
  • Professional services
  • Specialist advice in family law


These divorce and family solicitors have offices across the United Kingdom, and in most cases, you will be able to find a local office near you. You can go there and visit and meet with a solicitor.

What is family law

Concerning family law, this firm can help you with:

  • Divorce and dissolution for£480 included VAT
  • Injunctions against domestic violence
  • Children and financial matters
  • Legal aid

They also handle Wills and Probate and can help with:

  • Writing or reviewing will
  • Protection of Assets
  • Nearest relatives and their rights
  • Administration and probate of estates
  • Lasting powers of attorney

Tribunal System

The systems of laws in Great Britain were used to build the legal system of the United States when US laws were first written. But there are some differences such as the “Tribunal System”. In the UK this tribunal handles certain disputes while in the USA there is no Tribunal System. But certain cases in the United States are submitted to binding arbitration or mediation as an alternative dispute resolution.

But the laws in UK and USA are quite similar in many ways.

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