Going through a Divorce You Should Meet with a Financial Planner

Getting a divorce is at times very difficult and can be made more so when considering the change in financial status it can create. But with our Project-Focused Planning Service, you can get some help to tackle the problems a divorce can bring including re-budgeting on only one income as well as rearranging your savings and investments. Divorce Financial Planner is part of the help you can get when you go to a financial planner where you can get the help you need.

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Financial plan

A financial advisor Tampa will help you to manage your cash flow and debts post-divorce and locate other areas of your financial life that may need adjusting after this life change, like adjusting beneficiaries and retirement plans. They will help you create short-term and long-term goals towards gaining financial independence.



You are no longer “just starting out”, you have some sort of foundation to stand on to begun building a new life for yourself. Divorces are rough to go through, but millions get through it and so can you. You have money coming in, so you can begin a good foundation to build upon. Stats show divorce is usually roughest on the woman who might never worked outside the home before.

Hardest on woman


For a woman who is on her own for the first time, she might need help paying down any debts. If you are lucky, you probably have enough cash coming from child support and often alimony coming on to cover a house payment and plenty to save.

It is a lot to handle but a financial planner will be happy to help you get organized and help you get debts paid down and meet your bills and expenses. You might have to work outside the home, but millions of women do that every day.



You still need to put some money away for retirement and a financial planner can help you with all of this. But good for you for getting out of a bad situation. The first thing to do (besides retaining an attorney) is help from a financial planner,

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