Getting Divorced but Have no Way to Support Yourself?

If you are afraid that after your divorce your will have no means or way to support yourself you are not alone. Many people fear the effects of divorce on their monetary situation. Many households choose to leave one parent at home to raise their young children while the other pursues a successful career. This is a personal decisions that families make and there is often much thought that goes into the choice.

You hope to never have to divorce your loved one, but sometimes it is the best decision for yourself and your family to separate and end the marriage. In the case that you do become divorced from your spouse after many years of marriage you may be very concerned about how you are going to support yourself.

Because this is a common problem amongst people who choose to get divorced, the courts have put into place spousal alimony in order to make sure that the parent who dedicated their lives to raising the couple’s children are not set up to fail after their marriage ends. There are also dedicated alimony attorneys who have studied the law and know how to make the most of our a bad situation for a struggling partner.

How Does Alimony Work?

If you are unable to find a job after you get divorced because you do not have the needed experience due to your new situation and the many years you stayed at home to raise your children, your ex-spouse will be ordered to pay alimony to help support your until you are able to support yourself.

Alimony is different than child support in the fact that it is not calculated based on an equation. The court will determine how much alimony you are to receive and how long you need to receive the money to support yourself. Some alimony is ordered for a few years while other cases are awarded alimony for the rest of their lives. Each situation is different and you really can’t know what is going to be awarded until you are in the situation.

There are a few reasons that your alimony order will be cancelled. If you the spouse receiving the funds chooses to remarry they will no longer receive the alimony from their ex-spouse. Also, if the person paying the alimony dies their family will not be held accountable to pay any longer. Again, each case is taken independently and legal advice will need to be consulted.

Alimony is meant to make a divorce fair financially for a member of the marriage who has dedicated their lives to staying at home with their children. If you are getting divorced after many years of staying home with your children you can rest easy knowing there are measures in place to help support you.