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Four Facts About Claiming Social Security Disability.

When you are not able to work, the social security administration offers benefits that will compensate you instead of you having to get a job. Some people become disabled in their life time and cannot physically or mentally perform a job. They usually have to visit a doctor and get a recommendation to receive benefits. Benefits can also be associated with food assistance and housing. When people retire, they also can receive these benefits. The benefits that they get are accumulated throughout their working life and then paid to them once they retire. If they continue working. They can still receive these benefits.

When to Claim

One of the things that people should know about claiming benefits is that the younger that you are when you claim, the less the check will be. If you claim benefits when you are under the age of sixty-two, you may not receive all of your benefits. If you claim your benefits at the age of sixty-six, you will receive the full amount and if you wait until you are seventy, you will receive thirty three percent more for the rest of your life time. It is better to wait, but if you cannot, the benefits are available to you. Many people experience injuries and need to get assistance. In warm weather places like phoenix, it is not uncommon for workers to get hurt and need to call a phoenix social security disability lawyer.

How to Pay it Back

If you decide to receive your benefits before you retire, you can choose to pay it back and reset the clock for when you will retire. This must be done within twelve months of claiming your benefits. If there are other people claiming benefits on your behalf, their benefits will be stopped when you do this process. This process is only allowed once during your lifetime. If it is past your twelve months. Social security will deduct one dollar for every two dollars that you make above fifteen thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars. Money that is not held will be put towards a larger check for you when you retire.

Tax Consequences

The tax consequence of getting your social security early is that you must pay taxes on eighty five percent of the income. If you are married and have an income between thirty-two and forty-four thousand dollars, you can pay taxes for up to half of the benefit. If you make more than that in a combined income, you might have to pay on up to eighty five percent of the benefits.


For those of you who have experienced divorce, you can still claim spousal benefits even after the divorce. Some of the requirements are: if the marriage lasted more than ten years, you are not remarried, you are older than sixty-two, your ex-spouse has work credits or disability, and your own benefit amounts are less than what your spouses’ would be. With these requirements, you can receive up to half of you ex spouses’ benefits. If you have remarried, you might be able to qualify if the marriage does not last. The best way to handle this situation is to visit your social security office.

Whatever the case might be, you can get your benefits early. It is a process and you must get the necessary help to make sure that all of your information is legitimate and that you will not be charged with fraud. If your case is denied, you can always call an attorney for help. They will help you find a solution.

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