Famous Personal Injury Lawsuits You Might Want to Know

When someone hurts you physically or psychologically – whether it’s because of negligence or intentional act- you may contact Brisbane personal injury lawyer to file a case against that person or company. But, to be able to pursue a claim, it is essential to prove that a specific party caused you stress.

Here are the famous personal injuries lawsuits that you might want to know to have an idea about this matter:

McDonalds’ Case

Stella Liebeck of New Mexico was in her car when she got a third-degree burn by a cup of coffee purchased at McDonald’s. She placed the cup of coffee between her legs and accidentally spilled the entire contents onto her lap whilst opening the lid. This case received a great deal of publicity and became a topic by many because the woman received compensatory damages worth $200,000 and $2.7 million punitive damages.

The jury believed that even though she spilled the coffee onto her lap, the McDonald’s is still liable for the incident as they sold the dangerously hot drink.

This case affected both sales and reputation of McDonald’s at that time.

The Hulk Son

Terry Bolea, better known as Hulk Hogan, was involved in a personal injury case after his son caused a vehicle accident. This became a famous case as the wrestler is proven to encourage the wrong behaviour of his child during that time.

Victoria’s Secret Thong Malfunction

Macrida Paterson says she suffered a scratched cornea after a pendant of a Victoria Secret’s panty snapped into her eye. The woman complained that the incident prevents her from going to work and doing her daily activities. As of now, there is no result and progress regarding the case.

These cases, though some as labelled as frivolous, gave the public an idea about personal injury.

If you want to further understand the matter, here are some information about personal injury law:

Formal Lawsuit – A formal personal injury case typically starts when a private individual files a complaint against a person or a business enterprise. Negligence and proof-like certificates and other files are needed to apply for a formal lawsuit.

Informal Settlement – Most disputes like an accident and anything that involves compensation law are resolved through early settlement. Most of the time, to avoid reputation damage, the company agrees to settle the complaint, especially if the protest can peril their status. Both sides will propose an arrangement and talk about the matter to come up with a result.

Personal Lawyer – a personal injury claims Brisbane lawyer are here to help you get the compensation you need. These professionals can fight for your rights, at the same time, provide you of the essential information you need to know. They can help you will win the case, as well as protect your rights during a legal proceeding. They can help you find evidence and tell if you have a chance to win or not. The professionals can come up with an agreement that will work for you and the party involved.

Be sure to reflect on these matters to be prepared when you’re in the same situation.

Author: Carrie Sze