Extremely Important to Have Insurance on Your Motorcycle in Florida

Because of the Florida insurance requirements for motorcycles it is advisable that anyone who owns and operates a motorcycle have an attorney. If you are in a motorcycle accident you will be glad that you have a lawyer. There are many West Palm Beach motorcycle accident lawyers.

Florida motorcycle insurance

In Florida there are no laws requiring insurance to register a motorcycle as there is for cars, but a motorcycle rider who is at fault in any accident that causes bodily injury or property damage and is not carrying insurance can find the penalties quite severe. The penalties in having such an accident include mandatory SR 22 insurance coverage for a period of at least 3 years as well as possible suspension of at fault rider’s driver’s license.

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Heavy toll

Being involved in an accident that causes any personal injury can take a heavy toll on your life, as well as your finances. Therefore, it is important to have an experience personal injury attorney who you can turn to.

PIP Benefits for Motorcyclists

Personal injury protection in Florida is mandatory to be maintained on all cars and trucks but not on motorcycles. Since motorcycles are not covered under Florida’s PIP laws, it is strongly advised to get some PIP type coverage if you use a motorcycle. But another problem is to read these policies carefully or have an attorney to read it since the PIP coverage is not governed by Florida’s PIP statute.

Accident equals nightmare

As you can see, having a motorcycle accident that is your fault can be a real nightmare in Florida and the law can be quite confusing. Many motorcycle owners have the mistaken belief that in Florida motorcyclists do not need insurance since car and motorcycles are covered under different laws.

Financial Responsibility law

Financial Responsibility law in Florida doesapply to motorcyclist and the penalties for not carrying motorcycle insurance are tough. This is a matter that needs to be discussed with an attorney prior to having an accident.

Attorney assistance

If you ride a motorcycle in the state of Florida, most attorneys will help you with the type and amount of insurance you need to cover in order to protect yourself.