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Contact the Hornbuckle Firm in the Event of Brain Injury Liability

There are many ways a person can experience traumatic brain injury. The phrase itself, however, usually refers to the act of an outside force causing brain dysfunction due to forceful impact. Anyone who has sustained injury of this type should consult the Hornbuckle Firm, where invaluable advice is available.

Traumatic brain damage is almost always the result of a violent blow or jolt to the head or the body in general. In certain cases, the injury is the result of an object penetrating the skull, such as a blunt instrument or a bullet from a gun. Injuries of all levels can occur, from mild to severe and debilitating. In certain instances, bruising and torn tissue can lead to long-term complications. Some types of injuries lead to death, but in other instances, a full recovery is made.

Types of Injuries

Mild injuries may cause non-permanent brain cell dysfunction, and may affect a person’s memory, speech, and physical body. However, with mild injuries, the person will almost certainly make a complete recovery. Injuries that are severe on the other hand, often result in decreased cerebral function, speech impediments, paralysis and other kinds of permanent disabilities. As previously mentioned, brain injuries may also lead to death. If this is the case, the person’s family should seek legal advice concerning the accident to see if money can be one for the deceased person’s estate or to take care of his or her family in the future.

Causes of Brain Injury

Mild to severe traumatic brain injuries may be the result of violent acts, sporting accidents, falls, motor vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds, and even episodes of domestic violence. It is also possible to sustain a brain injury from an explosive blast or similar incident.

Contacting a Legal Professional in a Timely Manner

Traumatic brain injury symptoms are often apparent immediately following the accident, but others may take several days, or in some cases weeks, to manifest. They may be psychological or physical, and some symptoms come and go, while others are constant. Seeking medical treatment immediately following the accident is extremely important so that proper care can be administered and the injured person can be observed for signs of a severe injury. Contacting a lawyer at once is important as well, so that legal counsel is available from day one.


Brain injury treatment plans depend on the severity of one’s symptoms and whether major brain damage has occurred. A licensed healthcare practitioner must evaluate the injured individual to develop an appropriate treatment or observation plan. In certain instances, only moderate measures are necessary, while other patients must be transferred to long-term rehabilitation to ensure a complete recovery.

Regardless of why a person has sustained a brain injury, he or she should seek medical advice immediately, and then contact a competent attorney who can offer a broad range of legal advice concerning liability compensation and other aspects that pertain to his or her individual circumstances. In this way, accident victims are assured that any liable party will be held responsible for their traumatic brain injury.

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