The most common types of fraud crimes committed around the world

According to the judicial system of our nation, there are unlimited natures of crimes that are classified as fraud. Many nations are facing the major problem related to crimes. Those people who break the laws are labeled as criminals and they must put behind the bars. The most common crime happening in the world is an online fraud with at least ten in one people falling victim revealed through latest figures. From stealing to dodging income tax, the possible list of collective crimes can actually be vast or unlimited. There is no flexibility in penalties in case of doing a crime. The crimes that most people are guilty of include domestic violence, traffic-related crimes, fraud, murder, financial statement fraud, robbery, consumer fraud, assault, and theft. Some are discussed below.  Fraud comes in to the domain of Criminals lawyers in Dubai.


Theft is the most common type of crime that is committed around the world. This crime is not as severe as the robbery but basically, they are the same things. Typically, the theft is generated through a person’s economic condition. It appears in various types of vehicle theft whereas theft committed somewhere else through office or home is relatively common.


This category includes common crimes which include altering checks, debit card fraud, stolen checks, account identity theft, try to defraud by opening multiple accounts, check fraud, tampering with checks,  producing unsatisfactory deposits in order to cover debts, opening of accounts by using a false identity, bogus checks, writing bad checks deliberately, and all-purpose loan fraud.


The system that is organized on a state level for the public relief offers paid benefits for those people who are in need of achieving economic self-support. Government financial aid concerning eligibility of an individual is based on several factors including disability, age, marital status, income, employment and much more. Welfare fraud links to anyone who tries to mislead the government about their claim to welfare is an act of welfare fraud. Welfare fraud is usually investigated and act against theft. In most states, this type of fraud is liable to be punished as a criminal act.


If you hurt another person physically, this is called assault. You will be accused of a crime and you will also get charged for all those damages that are caused by your actions. It is usually generated due to anger or another crime. This problem or issue arises in places where the natives have no faith in law enforcement to provide justice for them. As an alternative, they decided to take law into their own hands.


One of the world’s most terrible problems is crime related to illegal drugs. The law extremely prohibits the promotion and use of these drugs as doing so possibly will direct to another crime. However, drugs are expressed as precious property in the underworld. The vast amount of money is always linked to drugs. That is why drug dealing is the main problem for many countries around the globe.

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