When to call a personal injury lawyer

No one plans to get hurt in a personal injury accident. An accident can ruin your day and change your plans in an instant. When you’re hurt, you might wonder what you should do next. You might wonder if it’s easiest to proceed on your own without an attorney to represent you, or if you should work with an attorney. Here’s what to know about when to call a personal injury lawyer:

Immediately after the accident

The time right after the accident is important in terms of preserving evidence. Calling a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can after your accident can help you preserve this evidence. Your personal injury attorney can direct you to the right medical professionals to document your damages. They can contact witnesses to take statements while the witnesses still remember critical details. They can even demand that adverse parties preserve evidence including broken items, videos or anything else that might shed some light on how your accident occurred.

A lawyer can help you with negotiations

If you’re trying to negotiate with an insurance company, it can be frustrating when the insurance company isn’t being fair. They might just ignore your phone calls and emails with the hope that you’ll give up trying to get fair compensation. They might respond with low ball offers or even outright abuse.

When you’re feeling like the insurance company is giving you the run around, it can be a good time to call a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer has experience in how to negotiate with the insurance company effectively. Even if you haven’t yet filed your case or you’re hoping to resolve your case without needing to file a formal complaint, an attorney can help you make sure that you get fair compensation at this stage in the case. Not only are they tough in the face of insurance company representatives, but they also know what to say in order to work with the insurance company effectively to help them understand the merits of your case.

When you file your case

In most cases, you have to file a formal legal claim in order to gain fair compensation for your losses. When you file your legal paperwork, it’s time to call a personal injury lawyer to help you draft the documents that you file with the court. Your original court papers are called a summons and complaint. The paperwork must accurately identify the parties that you’re making the claim against. Your paperwork must also carefully state your legal theories for recovery.

A mistake in your paperwork can make your entire case fall apart. The other side can ask the court to dismiss your case if you fail to properly state your claim. Having an attorney on your side can help you avoid errors and also assert your claims in the strongest possible way.

As you build your case

There are things that your attorney can do to help you build your case as you prepare for trial. An experienced attorney knows the ins and the outs of legal procedure. They might be able to file preliminary motions that can help you. You can use legal proceedings to narrow the issues for trial and build a strong case before you ever set foot in the courtroom to try your case.

When you want help

An attorney has experience handling personal injuries cases just like yours. When you’re feeling stressed, working with an experienced attorney can give you the assurance that your case is in good hands. If you’re worried about your case or just unsure of what to do, it’s the right time to contact a personal injury lawyer.

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