Australian Family Law: Helping a Family in Disputes has Better Way Out

Australia has Federal Family Law Act of 1975, which in principle is Australian Family Law. The law protects the family and the relationship between people in such relationship including when the relationship ends such as in divorce and separation. Divorce solicitors handle divorce and separation disputes that are usually practiced.


Australian couples who can no longer live peacefully and amicably as husband and wife despite living together for years can file dissolution of the partnership through divorce as irretrievable breakdown of marriage is the only ground accepted in the Family Law. Other related matters like child custody, property settlement issues, spousal maintenance, and children’s orders are also covered. However, there is what is called “No-fault” divorce, which states that there must be evidence of twelve months separation. Both parties and a sole applicant can file application for divorce and a third person affidavit to collaborate the evidence of separation. Australian couples can hire divorce solicitors to help them understand better applications of Family law for divorce especially when there are other legal issues that need to be cleared out for their rights and protection.

De facto family in Family Law

De facto family is described as couple cohabiting for minimum of two years. Same-sex marriage is also covered by this de facto family definition. If the couple had children and had made substantial contributions on assets or properties, they can file for spouse maintenance or property division in the family court. They can also hire family law attorney in order to understand what benefits and rights they are entitled to by the Family Law.

The Family Law

Family Law in Australia is created to help a family under the pressure and stress of separation. However, there are steps and procedures that need to be undertaken in order for applicant of divorce get through the process. In filing the application, applicant has to follow strict procedures and steps such as who could file the application, if the couple has children and who can be considered children of the marriage. There are also legal issues on how the court may grant the divorce as court could grant it only after being satisfied by related issues such as arrangements made for children. Family court lawyers have all the legal training and expertise in helping separating couple get through the divorce procedure in the Australian Family court.

Separation and divorce are family situations that could affect family foundations. However Australia’s Family Law has safeguarded members rights and protection, and with divorce solicitors, the family has a better way out.

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