10 tips heighten your UK Spouse Visa Success Rate

Here are the top ten tips you can rely on as an applicant to ensure that the application of your spouse visa successful.

1.      Supply the right documents

To complete your spouse visa application within a shorter time, it is always important you supply the right documents. Every type of visa will require a specific type of documentary support. Therefore, you have to understand what you need to complete your application. Avoid listening to people who tell you that they supplied A, B and C documents when you have to provide D, E and F documents.

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2.      Provide your documents in the right format

Some people will simply send a bundle of their documents and wait to get their UK spouse visa. Place the documents in a correct, chronological order and exactly how they are needed. That includes using the right colour to fill in the needed forms. To most people, this is seemingly a petty reason for visa refusal, but you have to make the job of Home Office workers simple and easy.

3.      Missing specified evidence

The spouse visa application can be seemingly simple and the information on the website of Home Office makes it appear so. All the same, the provided guidelines only provides general outline – the Home Office does not provide adequate details. Anything, including the date or missing original document can lead to the spouse visa refusal.

4.      Do not follow advice from the non-UK advisers

 People from all parts of the world are more likely to make this mistake. In fact, most UK spouse Visa refusal cases are a result of unqualified or inexperienced advisers. The adviser you select should have a proper understanding of the UK immigration law. Getting a spouse UK Visa is extremely hard and you should therefore consult experts.

5.      Do not follow advise from friends or relatives

Most refusals occur because the applicants consult the people closest to them – people without the relevant legal knowledge. Your friends and family might know you better, but the Home Office only requires specific information and knowledge. They rarely care about the applicants as individuals. They just need to know about the statistics, money and numbers.

6.      Do not believe that the Home Office is understanding or lenient

The Home Office is never lenient or understanding. A quick example: some individuals might think that if one of the requirements is £1,464 and they only earn £1,000, the Home Office will not consider the difference as relevant. That is wrong thinking. The office will meet any error with flexibility. Avoid making errors during the application.

7.      Disclose previous issues

Mostly, applicants will have previous legal or immigration issues that they might not disclose during spouse visa application. Some issues include criminal convictions and bans that they have already spent. However, during your application, keep in mind that the Home Office will question everything. It will be worse if they notice that you are trying to misrepresent or mislead them intentionally.

8.      Do not apply for the wrong visa

When applying for a visa, people outside the United Kingdom and wishing to settle in the country are likely to apply for the wrong visa. Put differently, most people think that they have to start by getting a visit visa and then apply for the settlement visa. The Home Office does not allow switching from the visit visa and if they realize your plan, they are likely to deny the visit visa.

9.      Do not try to get advice from the Home Office

Some people believe that to prevent spouse visa refusal, they have to go for advice from the Home Office. However, workers in the office have no skills or qualifications they need to start giving advice. The only thing they will do is direct you to their primary website or provide general information. To get your spouse visa, you require expert advice.

10. Do not go for any advice with an aim of saving on the costs

I have said this severally, but I will still say it repeatedly. Do not try to save on the expenses by going for the cheap advice from unqualified advisers will lead to refusal of the spouse visa. Such advisers do not know the complex details of immigration law and those who do are unlikely to apply it in the right way.